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7 June 2016
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11 August 2016

Wine in his veins

Andrew Margan, Margan Wines, Broke Fordwich, Hunter Valley

“WINEMAKERS don’t sleep during vintage, do they? There is so much to think about, so much to know, so much to do.

It’s 9am on a sunny summer day, February 19, to be exact. In the back of the Margan’s winery complex just a stone’s throw west of Broke, a small team is busy unloading a four-tonne bin of just-picked shiraz grapes, guiding them through the chute where the grapes, skin and juice, are cooled and pumped into vast storage silos.

Andrew Margan – vigneron, winemaker, businessman – is in the middle of it all, pushing and prodding, talking and watching.”